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General Treatment Protocol

Assessment / Re-assessment of condition -Tens 15-20mins -Ultrasound 5-10mins -Manual Therapy / Exercise Therapy

Additional Activities

Corporate Group Talk on General Work Related Health Issues General Stretching & Strengthening Exercise at Work Place

Team of QUALIFIED PHYSIOTHERAPIST moves around Klang Valley areas to go to clients home to provide HOME PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Well experienced therapist will go through a full assessment of your current condition and tailor the treatment protocol with clients full participation.

Not to forget, we always wanted to prevent our clients from recurring injury, we are responsible to provide home advice and review previously learned exercise as we are emphasized on this quotes, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

My mother was bed ridden after second-time of stroke attack at the age of 65years, and my father was her caretaker, 68 years. He has to lift up/carry my mother every time to transfer her from bed to wheelchair, for shower, to change her diapers, to change her clothing, and he gets tired at the end of the day as they both only at home. Soon I discovered about physiotherapy treatment and approached Ms.Neha, therapist who treat my neighbour for her knees. After 5 sessions, my mother able to do some activities like, lifting up her hip for diapers change, sit to stand for transfer, rolling on bed and ease up my fathers work. Ms.Neha always do video coverage of her treatment session for me to see my mother progression as I’m staying in Singapore, and that was really good feel, trust and confident. As the session goes on, she started to stand longer and to walk slowly though was limping.

NAGESHWARY Seri kembangan

I’m a soccer player, stopped playing for the past a year due to my knee injury during previous game. I cant bend my knee fully to kneel down for muslim prayers, and stair climbing gets harder as day goes by. I’ve tried going for massage which never reduce my pain. My friend recommend to go to MK Physio center, which is closer to my work place. After first session, I started to feel the difference and with over pressure, I could bend my knee full but still unable to kneel down. As the session progress, by 3rd visit I could able to go up and down stairs better without pain and able to kneel down for my prayers. Thanks to Ms.Neha, I recovered faster with her treatment and the home exercise.

Fadzyly Semenyih

My mother was bed ridden for the past 2 year plus, as she had 3 times falls and phobia of standing and walking. We took her for many screening and treatments include physiotherapy and they all said cant do much about her spine and legs. My friend’s sister, Ms.Neha, offered to do home-physio, and she came every alternate days in the beginning of sessions and now weekly twice. My mother is able to walk and go on stairs with assistance and walker. She is happy as she is being independent to do her daily activity by herself.

Syamala Seri Kembangan

My wife unable to stand and walk for past 1 year plus due to septic infection on her left knee. It is very tiring as I have to transfer her from bed to wheelchair, to toilet, and some of the days I have to leave her alone in home to go out. And my wife always complain of body pain because always in lying down position. We got contact through a friend to try out physiotherapy treatment as it worked for them. We called Ms.Neha to our home to do physio once a week, and now my wife is walking and we are travelling together. We strictly follow Ms.Neha’s instructions and advice on exercises.

Tiru Puncak Utama, Kajang

My mother always complain of lower back pain that travel down to her buttock and thigh always. And pain worsen in the morning as she suffers and will take time for the pain to relieve. Meanwhile she was trying Chinese medicine that relieve her pain temporarily. On early May 2019, I came to consult with Dr and find out there is physiotherapy services available there. On first session Ms.Neha checked and informed me that my mother has hip joint pathology that gives pain to the lower back and the thigh. As the treatment progress, my mother less complain of hip pain and her lower back is no more painful.

Wong Kajang

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    good treatment

    Rated 5 out of 5
    November 9, 2021

    neha is a good phsioterapist.u can chat with her like friend while doing treatment.repeated customer here


    a very good service which given by Ms. Neha. I have very good improvement for my back pain after went for 2 physio session with her

    Rated 5 out of 5
    November 9, 2021

    a very good service which given by Ms. Neha. I have very good improvement for my back pain after went for 2 physio session with her. A very friendly physiotherapist who I can recommend


    Physiotheraphy Treatment

    Rated 5 out of 5
    June 7, 2021

    Good Treatment for My Mother… Thank you

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